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  Breyer    Retired Breyer     Stone

All Models in Stock were Made & Painted in England


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    Arabian  Chestnut                          (7 1/2" x 8")




Arab ChesHead.jpg (15690 bytes)

In Stock

Arab Ches.jpg (31052 bytes)

Arabian - Bay $75         In Stock

Arab Bay.jpg (734469 bytes)

Arabian - White Grey with Dark Mane & Tail            


          Arab wgdmtHead.jpg (12872 bytes)

           In Stock

Arab wgdmt.jpg (25483 bytes)

Friesian Mold     1st Version - Head Down (Back in the Saddle's) Grey with Black Mane &  Tail -Made in China  $40        In Stock  
      Friesian -Black 

  2nd Version          (8" x 9")

$75          In Stock

Friesian 2nd version.jpg (47521 bytes)

 Friesian mold in Medium Grey

       2nd Version

$90           In Stock

Friesian2MDG.jpg (38449 bytes)

Hanoverian - Bay Blanket Appaloosa $150               In Stock

Hanoverian Bay Blanket Appy.jpg (812556 bytes)

    Hanoverian                    White Grey w/ Dark M/T

$60         Hano WGDMT Head.jpg (13772 bytes)

        On      Hold

Hano wgdmt.jpg (22905 bytes) 

 Hunter -  White Grey    (8" x 7.5")

$60        Hunter WG Head.jpg (9688 bytes)

       In Stock

Hunter WG.jpg (31964 bytes)

 Hunter - Medium Grey  with White Mane & Tail $85           Hunter MG Head.jpg (14426 bytes)


Hunter MG.jpg (34644 bytes)


Chestnut with Flaxen

$85       Hunter Ches Head.jpg (13498 bytes)

     In Stock

        Hunter Chesnut.jpg (30070 bytes)

   Irish Draught - Bay    (9" x 11")




IrishDraughtHead.jpg (27814 bytes)

Last One has odd shaped muzzle - Free Shipping

IrishDaught.jpg (39003 bytes)

Pony Hunter         Medium Dappled Grey  (6" x 6.5")  $75       In StockPony Hunter 2.jpg (120770 bytes)       Pony Hunter.jpg (146280 bytes)
Yearling Scratching (3.75 x 4.5) Bay  $45        In Stock Scratching Foal Bay 1.jpg (18769 bytes)
Shire On The Move Bay - same mold as Cart Horse w/o the blanket $85         In StockShire on the Move 2.jpg (715522 bytes)

Shire on the Move.jpg (684019 bytes)

Shire on the Move   Bay with 4 Socks & Blaze $85          In Stock  
    Welsh Cob-Bay $75        In Stock 

Welsh Cob Bay.jpg (35073 bytes)

      Welsh Cob White Grey with Dark Mane & Tail $60        In Stock

Welsh Cob wgdmt.jpg (33642 bytes)

  Welsh Mt Sec A Grey   

      (5.5" x 6.6")


       In Stock

WelshMtSecA-Grey.jpg (37023 bytes)

 Welsh Mt Sec A - Bay $60        In Stock

WelshMtSecABay.jpg (29733 bytes)

     Welsh Mt Sec A   White Grey w/ Dark M/T $45        In Stock

Welsh Mt SecA WGDMT.jpg (20923 bytes)

    USPS Priorty Mail Shipping:     
Small Size $10 Shire Foal    Welsh Mt Sec A    
Medium Size $15 Arab  Friesian  Hunter  Hanoverian Cob QH
Large Size $16 Irish Draught  Shire Stallion  Percheron


All models currently in stock were made in England.

North Light models are made of a solid cold cast resin unlike kiln fired porcelain and china.  






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